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The use of white ring lifting belt Webbing Slings

In lifting hook with hoisting object was used to take the insurance card, because the card on the hook can effectively prevent the flat lifting belt of decoupling, and the sway of the objects no matter big and small, are unable to break from the hook body internal, the use of synthetic fiber lifting belt from know to use the matters needing attention, to avoid losses and accidents caused by lack of information.

White circular lifting when use should pay attention to the surface of the suspended substance, such as lifting some metal products and wood products, need to pay attention to polypropylene ribbon contact with the object, because polypropylene filaments flat lifting belt when in contact with metal or wooden cases, if not to cut off will make the fibre damage, caused by light polypropylene lifting belt breaking force is reduced, Heavy will cause the sling load reduction.Webbing Slings


Car tensioner due to a long time of binding accidents occur frequently, this is because tensioner binding belt for synthetic fiber products, and the binding time of the ribbon once calculated by the day, will accelerate the service life of polypropylene fiber or polyester ribbon. Therefore, when using the 75mm tensioner, the phenomenon of tying objects for a long time should be avoided as far as possible, and the tying accident caused by improper use of the tensioner should be avoided. The use of the tensioner should be understood from the use of the goods Webbing Slings

Cargo lashing belt gear wear and tear of the automobile gear wear and tear of tension is the same, all is due to the use of the length and bundled content caused by being overweight, five centimeters bolt binder at loading car, Webbing Slings speed up the gear wear by frequent use, in use process once the gear loss reached a tipping point, will lead to the happening of the tensioning device is bound to take off the belt, Thus, the bundling on the car is scattered to form an accident.

Post time: Sep-16-2022