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Safety Belt Webbing supplier Requirements for finished slings

All kinds of hoisting with specifications are made by different process, for example: polypropylene lifting belt is what we call white hoisting belt, semi-finished products after ribbon woven specifications according to different classification, and then carried out in accordance with the different type cutting, then there will be quality inspection personnel to the ribbon length is measured in the form of sampling, a miss is as a mile. The seemingly simple process is not allowed to be sloppy. The hoisting belt can be divided into one ton, two tons, three tons, Safety Belt Webbing supplier five tons, eight tons and ten tons. The model can be made into 1 meter to 30 meters. The specific size can be cut according to the requirements. Cutting can be said to be an important step in the production process of lifting belt. Width and length directly affect the specifications and models of the finished lifting belt.Safety Belt Webbing supplier


A qualified finished hoisting belt, from the selection of raw materials to cutting seems simple but complex, after the completion of the preliminary work, the remaining step of stitching. The structure of the lifting belt is mainly composed of two parts: round eye (the two ears of the lifting belt) and the body (the remaining belt in the middle of the ring eye is removed). The sewing method of round eye can be divided into 3 kinds according to the width (1:1, 1:2, 2:3). 1:1 refers to the width of the ring eye and the width of the finished lifting belt. In the whole production process of stitching, we need to check the density of sewing thread and the number of sewing rows. The flat hoisting belt has very strict requirements on the details of sewing, which can directly affect the post-breaking force of the finished sling. In the production process of the lifting belt, the sewing workshop is a department with many quality inspection personnel, and it is also a strict part.

When a batch of finished lifting belt appears in front of the manufacturers, what tSafety Belt Webbing supplierhey think of is not how to sell it, but whether the lifting belt is qualified under the strict production requirements, whether it can be put into use. This is also our hoisting belt manufacturers for the final requirements of the finished sling. The hoisting belt produced by different batches of industrial silk must be tested by the quality supervision department after the completion of production (spot inspection), and only after the product is confirmed to be qualified can it be delivered to the factory. The general sampling inspection quantity is 200 inspection 10.

Post time: Sep-20-2022